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The world has evolved into a global village where services have been collapsed to make life easier. E-commerce is a huge leap for trading activities, making it possible for you to buy any item within the comfort of your home and get it delivered to your doorstep. 

RxAll Inc. is a one-stop pharmaceutical distribution company with after sales services that will make your purchases reach you faster. After we help you locate shops in your area that have your preferred medication, authenticate it to ensure it is original, you go ahead to make your payment using the Rx Wallet, Paystack, PayPal, or bank transfer. At the online checkout, we give you varied delivery options using Rxdelivered. 

Rxdelivered has delivery options that suit your budget which includes bike dispatch riders, mini buses and third party delivery services across the country. To get swift delivery of your purchases, you can choose to use any of these options for as low as ₦1,000 which can be added to your invoice or you can decide to pay for the delivery when your drug is delivered to you.

Rxdelivered will deliver to you at any location of your choice within the state where you purchased the drugs or outside it, just ensure you choose the delivery option that is suitable for you when checking out your purchase on the online platform.